"Mike Cipra is one of my favorite writers. I say that only having read four of his stories. But as far as I can tell, everything he has ever produced has been brilliant, and I firmly believe that he will one day be recognized as one of the great American writers...

I first encountered Cipra back when I helped run another publishing company called Contemporary Press... We put out an open call for submissions for our short story collection Danger City, and Cipra somehow found us. His “Loving the Monster” was weird, hilarious, and impossible to put down."

from the introduction of Jeffrey Dinsmore's interview with Mike Cipra

"Some genuinely strong work. Mike Cipra’s "The Great Prairie Dog Vacuum" is a standout. It contains several of my least favorite themes of short fiction - failed relationships, drinking, dead animals and inscrutable women with artsy names. Yet he whips up a fresh, funny, fast-paced whole that I read more than once."

from Miriam DesHarnais' review of The Whirligig in Xerography Debt #14